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To calculate the PI the following variables were used to guide initial assessments of productivity among the. 12 soil orders: (1) organic matter content, (2) CEC, and  

Productivity Index Model: For a particular well, we can assume that h, Pr, Pwf, re, rw, B 0, k 0 and µ 0 are constant. Thus replaced by K: q 0 = K (Pr – Pwf) The constant K is known as Productivity index or simply “PI”. PI is often called J in some textbooks. This free tool helps you calculate the profitability index (PI) or profit investment ratio (PIR) based on the amount of your investment, the discount rate, and the number of years. A collection of really good online calculators for use in every day domestic and commercial use! The index will range from 0% to 100%. The smaller the index value, the better the productivity because it is closer to the project with the best engineering productivity. Therefore, for a given p th project, EP pi represents engineering productivity of the i th underlying metric, and Npi represents its normalized score, as shown in Equation 4: Gary Schnitkey • Individuals often desire to arrive at an average cash rent given a farm's inherent productivity. Herein, a method is presented for determining a 2017 benchmark rent based on that parcel's productivity index. Given the variability in rents, a parcel's actual cash rent can vary from the benchmark rent.

24 Dec 2012 Equation (1-6) succinctly describes what is possible for a petroleum production engineer. First, the dimensioned productivity index with units of 

The well's productivity index (PI or J is common) is: Under pseudo-steady state (pss), a calculated PI is: The effective permeability-thickness in md-ft () and skin (s) are estimated based on well test analyses. The external radius, , is the radius in feet to the no-flow boundary, based on the approximate drainage area of the well. productivity index (PI) English | Español: 1. n. [Well Completions] A mathematical means of expressing the ability of a reservoir to deliver fluids to the wellbore. The PI is usually stated as the volume delivered per psi of drawdown at the sandface (bbl/d/psi). Alternate Form: PI Equation 5-128 assumes that productivity index does not change with flow rate or time, and in some wells the flow rate will remain proportional to the pressure drawdown over a wide range of flow rates. However, in many wells, the direct relationship is not linear at high flow rates as shown in Figure 5-129. Maturity of a homogeneous source section can be accessed from the production index (PI). PI is calculated from Rock-Eval data: where S1 is the quantity of free hydrocarbons (gas + oil), in mg/g of rock and S2 is the quantity of thermally generated (cracked) hydrocarbons, in mg/g of rock. productivity index (PI). PI = P q ∆ …(1) where q = flow rate ∆P = Pressure difference. The PI of a well is a function of the pressure losses between the reservoir boundary and the well bore. The factors that affect PI are reservoir drainage area, pay zone thickness, anisotropy (Kv/Kh), well length, fluid velocity and well completion method. The profitability index (PI) rule is a calculation of a venture's profit potential, used to decide whether or not to proceed.

Accurate calculations show that the two time invariant PI values are numerically close (at least for large drainage area and small well radius) but are always distinct 

24 Aug 2016 The constant of proportionality being the productivity index (PI). Untitled To calculate J from a production test, it is necessary to flow a well for 

Then the well spacing, well bore size and fluid type and the estimated kh can be used in the radial flow equation to calculate the PI. 0. 0. 0.00708 ln( / ) w. WF e.

used to increase productivity index (PI) by increasing production rate or decreasing pressure calculate the productivity of multi-fractured horizontal well.

The productivity index is defined as the flow rate per unit pressure drop, and serves as Once the PI is known, the equation can be rearranged to determine the 

Profitability index (PI), also known as profit investment ratio (PIR) and value investment ratio (VIR), is the ratio of payoff to investment of a proposed project.

The fluid gradient for calculating normal pressure below surface at any point is PRODUCTIVITY INDEX (PI): The total number of barrels of liquid (oil & water)  24 Dec 2012 Equation (1-6) succinctly describes what is possible for a petroleum production engineer. First, the dimensioned productivity index with units of  1 Oct 2018 The approach is dependent on a reliable and efficient productivity-index (PI) calculation for the boundary-dominated state (BDS). ProdIndexHorWellJoshi - Horizontal well productivity index under steady state rate for pseudosteady state condition, with Non-Darcy flow equation, [mscf/d].